Krasner Beats the Streets

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DISTRICT ATTORNEY Larry Krasner, C, exhorts his campaign troops in Clark Park before sending them off to engage voters on the streets of the the 27th Ward in West Philadelphia. A force of NUHHCE Local 1199C volunteers participated in the drive.

Pumping turnout in inner-city progressive wards like this one are key to Krasner’s effort to beat back heated opposition from former prosecutor Carlos Vega in next Tuesday’s Democratic primary election. The incumbent’s supporters hail him for reducing prosecution in ways that combat overzealous police enforcement and excessive incarceration. Vega’s backers decry Krasner’s policies for failing to curb a soaring epidemic of gun violence. In municipal primaries, high turnout in some wards can have an outsized impact.

Ward committees are split in this race and the party has made no endorsement.

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