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The NEW VOTER LAW in Georgia: When I first heard of that “new” Georgia law, I wondered how “new” voter suppression was in the South. As a lad in Army Basic Training in South Carolina, I became well known as a “barracks lawyer.” One day a Caucasian kid from Mississippi came to me and asked for my help to complete a voter-registration form. I thought an easy job – like we did up North. NOPE; the form was TWENTY-TWO pages in length.

SHARON VAUGHN, Democratic leader of the 42nd Ward, 2nd from R, and her committee persons launched another successful food giveaway with the assistance of District Attorney Larry Krasner, 3rd from R. Krasner has full support of the 42nd Ward. Photo from Vaughn’s FB page

The race for DISTRICT ATTORNEY has produced Facebook opinions which indicate that propaganda by anti-Larry KRASNER forces was somewhat effective.

Krasner has been blamed for increased city violence in several ways, all off-target: A District Attorney or ADAs DO NOT ride around in police cars to prevent crime. Police ARREST and then the DA prosecutes.

Krasner lets criminals go free: A judge does that. That is why we have judges.

Krasner does not prosecute enough: When the Criminal Justice Center is in full swing again, as it was in the past (the 1st Judicial District will decide this, not Krasner), defendants ill be successfully prosecuted on some 12 floors in some 10 courtrooms per floor EACH DAY.

Oddly, this race sees police retirees and police associations telling Democrats how to vote: Police mostly VOTE REPUBLICAN.

The COMMON PLEAS judge elections are critical. And here are my picks and predicted winners. Wendi BARISH, Craig LEVIN, Hon. Caterina McCABE, Nick KAMAU, Hon. Dan SULMAN, Betsy WAHL, Chris HALL, Hon. Mark MOORE.

76ERS OWNER Michael Rubin, L, and pop star Meek Mill have made a joint campaign to relieve prisoners of bail costs. But could their own money be put to more use in that cause?

I read where Michael RUBIN and Meek MILL have organized a movement for Parole and Probation Reform. FINALLY after years of talk, and many sentenced on out-of-date technical violations. They used to talk of worthy persons with first-offense violations, on a minor charge – who languished in jail due to inability to pay low bail. Then they were to help them to make bail. These men of wealth have not begun a fund for this need.

The Primary Election for MUNICIPAL COURT judges is vital to resolve issues close to our citizens. Here are my picks FOR YOUR VOTE, and winners: Michael LAMBERT, Hon. George TWARDY, and Gregory YORGEY-GIRDY.

A MEMORIAL BRICK in honor of Ron Donatucci, longtime Philadelphia register of wills, was dedicated at the Chapel of Four Chaplains in the Navy Yard. Representing the Donatucci family were Mary Lou Donatucci and her husband Frank A. Burke, Jr. Ron served as leader of the 26th Ward for many years, and also was chairman of the Girard Estate Foundation. Photo:by Joe Shay Stivala

Former U.S. Attorney William McSorley says that electing Vega for DA is important. So much so that he donated money to that campaign. He donated MEASLY $1,000! As the song goes: “HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE?”

My WINNER picks for the State High Courts are – Supreme Court: THE INCREDIBLE Judge Maria McLAUGHLIN. For: Superior Court: The caring Judge Timika LANE. And for Commonwealth Court: The dynamic Judge Sierra STREET. Vote for them.

One failing of Larry KRASNER has been his inability to warm up. He seems an introverted academic to many. Unsmiling. A man of few words. This will translate to fewer votes in the 26th Ward and the Northeast wards. But it does NOT translate to defeat.

Judges are also running for RETENTION in the Primary. Please do not forget to vote your approval by giving a “YES” vote in Common Pleas Court to Hons. Dianne ANHALT, Denis P. COHEN, Rose Marie DeFINO-NASTASI, Charles EHRLICH, Angelo FOGLIETTA, Jonathan IRVINE, Elizabeth JACKSON, Vincent JOHNSON, Sean KENNEDY, James Murray LYNN, Barbara McDERMOTT, Margaret MURPHY, Arnold NEW, George OVERTON, Robert REBSTOCK and Edward WRIGHT.

BAIL REFORM: Has been talked about in the media for four years. But there has been NO ACTION. The DA can support it, but it is really up to the 1st Judicial District to get the ball rolling. Part of the problem is that the court system is so bloated with jobs and on a tight budget. FOR NOW, reform should target the first-offense worthy persons in jail on a minor change who can languish there from Arraignment to Prelim and trial because they cannot raise the meager amount for bail. I call upon our superb President Judge Hon. Idee FOX to consider this approach.


VOTE ON Tuesday for RETENTION of topnotch Municipal Court judges: Hons. Frank BRADY, Patrick DUGAN, Charles HAYDEN, Christine HOPE, Gerard KOSINSKI, Marsha NEIFIELD, Joffie PITTMAN, Craig WASHINGTON and Sharon Williams-LOSIER.

LOCAL Perspective: I just boil when an out-of-state columnist tells us how to vote in LOCAL elections. George WILL, in a column, suggested that we approve ballot questions on the ballot which limit the power of a governor to deal with emergencies such as COVID.

Gov. WOLF got us through COVID very well. Will says that is monarchy. That is BS, blarney and blather. Please vote NO on those two ballot questions.

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