Philly Labor Celebrates Its Might on Parade

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DEMOCRATIC City Committee Chairman Bob Brady, 4th from L, is joined by celebrants including Judge Maria McLaughlin, candidate for Supreme Court; State Rep. Mike Driscoll; City Commissioner Lisa Deeley; and Craig Levin, candidate for Common Pleas Court.  Photos by Joe Stivala
AFL-CIO PRESIDENT Pat Eiding starts the rally with a stirring address.
The parade begins with Queens of the event.
CITY of Philadelphia workers step out.
CITY COUNCIL Majority Leader Bobbie Henon proudly marches with IBEW Local 98, the union that gave birth to his career..
GARY MASINO, L, leader of Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers – and parade host; Bob 
Brady, Democratic Party Chairman; and Brian Bush, Local 19 business manager.
THREE STALWARTS of AFL-CIO enjoyed their annual parade down Columbus Boulevard: from L, Ken Washington, recording secretary, Philly AFL-CIO; Frank Snyder, secretary – 
treasurer of Philly AFL-CIO; and rick Bloomingdale, Pennsylvania president of the AFL-CIO.
PAT EIDING (2nd from R), president of the Philly AFL-CIO, is joined by Congressman
Brendan Boyle, 3rd from R; City Controller  Rebecca Rhynhart; and a button-bedecked supporter of America’s patriotic labor unions.
DEMOCRATIC Party Chairman Bob Brady is happy to see, from L, Wendi Barish, Esq., candidate  for Common Pleas judge; State Rep. Mary Isaacson; and Judge Timika Lane, aspirant for Superior Court.
SOLONS attentive to labor rights include, from L, Craig Levin, Esq., candidate for Common Pleas judge; Judge Timika Lane, candidate for Superior Court; and Judge Lori Dumas, candidate for Commonwealth Court.
BOB BRADY vows to throw the full weight of the city Democratic Party behind Judge Lori Dumas’s statewide campaign.
LOCAL 98 electricians march in big numbers.  Business Agent Jimmy Foy is at r.
A UNIT urges freedom for Joe Dougherty, former leader of Iron Workers Local 401, who many feel is wrongly imprisoned.
KEVIN BOYLE, L,, leader of Local 401 Bridgemen, is with friend State Rep. Ed Neilson, a union veteran himself.
THE POWERFUL Teachers Union marches.
THE SULLIVAN CLAN of Local 542 Operating Engineers congratulate Dan, c,
on his appointment as coordinator of apprenticeship training.
JUDGE Timika Lane congratulates Renee McNear on her election as Democratic leader of the
20th Ward.  Renee proudly marched with her union – the Communication Workers of America.
LOCAL 690 Plumbers Union again had a huge turnout.
LOCAL 77 Musicians Union blasts out tunes to keep the monster parade stepping lively.

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