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The MAGIC JUDGES names are now known. It is a fine group and deserving of your vote. They are: John SABATINA, Jr.; Monica GIBBS; Leanne LITWIN; and Judge Michael MOORE for Common Pleas Court. Christian DiCICCO and Fran McCLOSKEY for Municipal Court.

The California RECALL vote is already alleged to have been stolen. The happy win should be a message for America; And mainly should energize DEMOCRATS to start working NOW on midterm election wins of incumbents, and ADDITIONAL wins to increase DEM House membership!!

WHAT would Alfred E. Neuman think? I read remarks of two persons who stated in the media that President Biden’s vaccination directive is the most incredible thing that they have ever heard while on Earth. One was an Idaho official and the other former Vice President PENCE. When one hears that line – you have to wonder how limited their life experiences were (?). In the Pence case, it is politics – since he wants to be president. But remarks like that cannot be given much weight, since we need to hear of all the incredible remarks that they have heard (except for the first five years of their life).

MIKE PENCE Photo by D. Myles Cullen

$100.00 an hour to work on your car. An increasing number of mechanics are charging that amount. How did this come to pass and WHY SO MUCH? Auto dealerships have developed a program which determines how much time is needed to do each repair function, plus a fee based on what it costs them plus profit. You still charge for an hour’s work if you finish early. This has filtered down to individual auto shops. No longer can YOU say, “How much do I owe ya?” to your neighbor mechanic. No longer can he think that I ought to cut my neighbor a break. It is all in the computer program. Learn more about cars so that when a mechanic throws tech lines at you – he will be surprised at your all-knowing answer.

BIRTHDAYS: A lot of birthdays NEED praise for the “Born Days” of great folks: 9/13 – Commissioner Omar Sabir; 9/9 – former sheriff Jewell Williams; 9/9 – Councilwoman Cherelle Parker; 9/3 – Judge Carolyn Nichols. Future birthdays: 9/21 – Council aide Marie Beren; 9/22 Commissioner and Senate candidate Val Arkoosh; 9/26 – Judge George Twardy; 9/28 – labor aide Sherman Harris; and 9/29 – City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart.


Until recently, Trump-ites would say that DEMOCRATS or BIDEN raised the price of gas. How many presidents are CEOs of oil companies or refineries? How many of those owners are GOP?

It used to be that if you had a nice car folks could compliment you. Now nice-car owners seem to be smug with an “I am better than you” view (?). Certain luxury-car owners seem to proceed with DIVINE RIGHT to drive in any manner – laws do not apply. As for the HUGE pickup trucks – many tailgate and bully when gas is $3.00. At $3.50, they back off. And at $4.00, you see the trucks in used-car lots.

I noticed that some conservative national columnists have no email address for your praise or rebuttal. They seem to CLOSE THE DOOR on differing opinions – their way or the highway??


ED RENDELL has aligned with a TREASON-fighter group which seeks ouster of certain GOP elected congressional members. Jeff VAN DREW is one of them. He won in a squeaker with a last-moment vote from the Atlantic City area. That arrangement needs to be countered this time.

State Legislative leader Jake CORMAN called on the election audit committee to subpoena the Department of State. Is he going to direct the work OUT IN THE OPEN?

LAUGHABLE was when the GOP said it would seek input from citizens of redistricting.

Resistance to vaccinations swamps hospitals and DRIVES UP the cost of medical care TO ALL. Maybe a pill ought to be invented for the SCAREDY CATS?

PASSINGS: We lost incredible legislative leaders with the passing of Babette JOSEPHS, Bob ROVNER, Esq. and Charlie CARLIN. Whole libraries of wisdom were lost from these decent Americans. I also mourn the loss of policeman Robert BROWN, who partnered with the legendary Knute BONNER in “Car 54.” A deep loss to me was that of former Traffic Court Judge Lillian PODGORSKI. One of the many class jurists that served in that court.


There was a tiff over who should run the Parking Authority. In my mind, it has always been Al TAUBENBERGER. As for the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, a “court” run by the City FINANCE Department – it is LONG PAST THE TIME when a Municipal Court judge should be appointed to supervise it.

CONGRATS to Rich TENALIO for 19 years as computer instructor at the Veterans Multi-Service Center. Rich taught himself computers while a laborer and is a leading expert today. I was a proud student there.

Peter McDERMOTT has completed nine years at the Board of Education. He one of the new crop of educator ward leaders…. Hats off to Ward Leader Tommy JOHNSON. He came up with the BRADY BUNCH idea 25 years ago. Today there is even talk of a North Wildwood statue of Tom next to the one of Cozy Morley!

POLICE CONTRACT talks seemed to have a reasonable outcome. But I question the $1,500 BONUS per officer. That question is WHY?… I ALSO read questions asking where the FOP was on the U.S. Capitol Police (??).

I read where a CITY COUNCILMAN was described as “probably the worst member of City Council.” This is horrible writing and can imply that all members of Council are in the “worst” category. Just stupid.

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