N.E. Dems Picnic for the Party

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The annual Northeast Democrats’ annual picnic salute to Democratic Committeepersons was again held in Burholme Park and attended to capacity. Wards 35, 42, 53,54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 61, 63, 64, 65 and 66 were in attendance. The event is a combined free “thank you and salute” to the hard work and long hours of constituent service by Democrat Committeemen and -women. Music, food, kids’ games and camaraderie are the order of the day. Photos by Joe Stivala

CITY COUNCILMAN Allen Domb, 2nd from L, was a center of attention as a potential candidate for mayor. Christian DiCicco, Esq., judicial candidate, is with his dad, former Councilman Frank DiCicco, and City Council Majority Leader Bobby Henon.
STATE SEN. Sharif Street greets committeewomen from five wards in his never-ending quest for local perspective on issues of the day.
JEFF BROWN, L, potential candidate for mayor, talks votes with Anthony Clark, former 28th Ward Leader. Brown is known as owner of several ShopRite markets, and one who gives back to the community. Brown’s position against the soda tax is well known.
STATE SEN. John Sabatina, C, greets well-wishers as he is now a candidate for Common Pleas Judge. His proud father, L, is joined by committeepersons and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boyle, Esq.
THE 42ND WARD is a new sponsor of the picnic. Ward Leader Sharon Vaughn and hubby Kevin arrive to a grand welcome by attendees.
THE MIGHTY 61ST WARD sported their distinctive face masks. They are led by “Big Pete” Lyde, rear. The 61st committeepersons there enjoyed a grand day of fine weather.
JAMES DONNELLY, leader of Ward 58, C, and Shawn Dillon, leader of Ward 66A, say hello to committeepersons Ed Harkins: and Councilman Allen Domb.
THE “KIDS” and grandchild of Committeewoman Gloria Sulman, L, include Janice Sulman, Esq., leader of Ward 53; Judge Dan Sulman, candidate for election; and the judge’s daughter.
STATE SEN. Christine Tartaglione arrives from her annual public shredding event to meet
Ward Leaders Allan Butkovitz, Esq. (54th); Robert Dellavella (55th); Bill Dolbow (35th); and
John Sabatina, Esq. (56th). John is with his son State Sen John Sabatina – now a judicial candidate.
REV. ANTHONY CLARK, C, former City Commissioner, is welcomed by Jim Jenkins; Councilman Allen Domb; John Sabatina, Esq.; and judicial candidate John Sabatina, Jr., Esq.

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