WALKING THE BEAT: Jan. 6, Part 2

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Were you surprised to hear President Biden mentioned the former president in connection with Jan. 6? In retrospect, I think that it needed saying. Democracy is too fragile and must be protected. A great Philadelphian wrote me that Germany had a top democracy in 1930. In 1933 they had Hitler. There are followers of AD HOMINEM politics who exalt Trump more than they love democracy. Biden’s address was a wake-up call to sleeping Democrats to get ready for a tough fight in the midterms and in 2024.

DONALD TRUMP started the new year gone from Washington but not forgotten.

Trump planners have already made some strategy changes. His recent approval of the COVID vaccine and taking a booster shot is one. (Most of those dying from Omicron are his followers.)

We always overlook a key point about Twitter and FACEBOOK. We might not always agree with their actions: No one likes Facebook Jail, yet when we use these media – the service is FREE. We are guests in their house. A Christian Right group ON Facebook ATTACKED Facebook. How many times have we thanked Zuckerberg for the service?

REMEMBER 2021. A LAUGH: The Philly Parking Authority said that City School District owes them $11.3 million in overpayments that PPA made to them. PPA has long been criticized for UNDER-payments that it makes annually to Philly schools. How rotten to want to take funds from kids’ programs, even if it was a PPA ERROR.

FORMER MAYOR Michael Nutter came out of retirement to weigh in on DA Larry Krasner’s comments about crime.

NUTTER blasted the DA. He seems to need to be in the spotlight – and the way to do it is to stomp a guy who misspoke. Is this SHOWBOAT POLITICS? I felt a wee better when a law-school scholar wrote in the daily press that Nutter should APOLOGIZE to thousands for STOP and FRISK… The DA did misspeak. But a lot shown on TV was in soundbites and not presented in full. Do we have lawlessness (uncontrolled violence all at once in Philly)? Nope. All elected officials make a big blooper during their career. KRASNER made his EARLY in his term. Time heals a little and deeds do the rest to mitigate.

Many Krasner critics in letters to the editor were from out of our state and city. Writing from their manor (over tea and crumpets?) – telling Philly residents what to do and how to live. This is a slap in the face to city dwellers who voted for the DA. You in the BURBS: Send us the dirt on YOUR TOWN instead. And the media should not print letters lacking local perspective.

FOR TAKING $4 million . . . the Feds allegedly spent $34 million to investigate and prosecute him.

The verdict of the DOUGHERTY-HENON trial was a surprise to me. I feel that the FEDS failed to prove their case. I also feel that the jury GOT TIRED of deliberating and wanted to go home. Their case was about how people talk to one another in bargaining. The Feds in upscale suits and coifed hair may not speak that way. Someone once told me that many prosecutors are corn-fed Midwesterners, who in youth watched too many good-guy-prevailing-over-bad-guy movies. I heard that a prosecutor told a defendant in an earlier trial that ALL POLS ARE CORRUPT. The Dougherty-Henon trial was CLASS WAR to me.

If the media are the Fourth Estate of government, then the Feds’ Justice system is the fifth Shadow Government. I feel that the Federal courts are a WASTE. Your case cannot prevail there, so save your money. To use your tax dollars to prosecute you – with NO ACCOUNTING. (The FUMO TRIAL was rumored to cost $24 million. They alleged that Fumo took $4 million). Judges see the SAME prosecutors all the time; that is too close. I recall a lunch at the S.E. Police Chiefs where the Feds told the chiefs to bring their cases to them – vs. local courts – for good sentences. The Fed Courthouse needs the same entrance sign as over the gate to Dante’s INFERNO which read “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

COUNCILMEMBER Maria Quiñones-Sánchez seeks to crack down on outside income by her peers.

City Council Member Maria QUIÑONES-SÁNCHEZ introduced a bill which would limit outside earnings of Council members to an annual $25k. Aside from making City Council into a Council of THE RICH (It was designed as a forum for the PEOPLE), the Sánchez bill PROVES that the $70k Henon earnings were LEGAL.

The mayor cancelled the official INAUGURAL of the City Controller and DA ,saying it was too expensive. Hmmm.

PARKING at the airport was cut by thousands of spaces with the closing of the Long-Term lot there – and on the eve of Thanksgiving travel. And the Parking Authority ended free parking during the holidays – with NO PUBLIC INPUT. Were they dumb actions? No; just cruel hardship on ordinary people.

State Rep. Isabella FITZGERALD reached five years in office. Seems like yesterday that she was first elected… Robert & Betsy MULGREW celebrated 45 years of marriage. They serve their community each day. Carmen NASUTI, Esq. now has 13 years with Gerald Stein, PC…. Tony IANNUCCI served Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers as business agent for another year!… Local 1291 ILA (longshoremen) mourned the passing of Dennis MULGREW. Perfect Peace to him.

STATE REP. Isabella Fitzgerald marks her fifth year on Capitol Hill.

IN 2022: Will State Sen. Douglas MASTRIANO ever announce his candidacy for governor today? He announced that TRUMP asked him to run. Does TRUMP supersede the people of our Commonwealth?… A friend got a fundraising request for Trump. He tracked the return address to an ALDI Supermarket in Delray Beach, Fla…. GOP candidates in Pennsylvania won’t say if they accept the results of the presidential election. Is this a sign of spinal-column removal surgery?

There were over 500 shooting murders in 2021 but far fewer arrests for them. I would like to see MANY ARRESTS for these crimes. This is the true way to deter shootings once the arrest is made – with good evidence – then a DA can prosecute.

In Family Court, higher wages are making it EASIER for judges to resolve SUPPORT issues.

I hope for a strong effort to improve horrible conditions in Philly prisons. Time to end the banana-republic conditions.

Maybe in 2022 we will hear of movement on the Richmond Street bypass to ease the traffic load off Richmond Street (???).

How about Al SCHMIDT leading the Committee of Seventy? Al is liked by most all in government – of both parties. Let us wish that the new job will not change him.

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