Movie Star Rosati Returns Home to Spin Tunes

If you're an avid viewer of television, then you already know recording artist and TV host Richie Rosati. Rosati has been acting and hosting TV for numerous television networks.

The South Philadelphia native has had many acting roles throughout his career. He has appeared on hit sitcoms such as "Who's The Boss", "Dynasty", and many others that you can find listed on his resume.

Rosati is now hosting TV for NJN Television Channel 23 PBS and can be seen this month in Clear Channel Radio's My 1061 FM TV Commercial, which is airing on all major TV networks. He has also been featured recently on “Good Morning America”.

Rosati grew up in a Roman Catholic, Italian, musical family and recently moved back to South Philadelphia on Ritner Street.

He attended the Girard Academic Music Program HS in Philadelphia (GAMP). After graduation, he attended college at Philadelphia University. Rosati left Philadelphia to live and work in Hollywood after college. Rosati moved out to L.A. with friends Linda and Louis Porcarelli, where he was signed by The David Wilder Agency at Universal Studios. Acting in Hollywood by day, Rosati continued promoting his music career at night. He met his first record producer, George Reich, while he was pushing song demos on dance club DJs at various Hollywood night spots.

Rosati said, "I would take acting roles in the day, and then at night push my demo tape on club DJs. I was throwing several matches at once, so to speak, hoping one would erupt into a huge flame. I knew I had to keep pushing if I wanted to succeed somewhere in this business. You can't just stop. And you can't listen to the people who say it's impossible."

George Reich is credited with discovering Rosati musically. Reich and Rosati met at a dance club called Mom's in Hollywood. They began recording studio sessions at George's Hollywood studio on a song titled "Fast & Nasty Girl", Rosati's first record, which Reich liked from Rosati's demo.

Rosati said, "I really didn't have a clue back then as to what I was doing. I really didn't know much about the technical side of it all but I forced myself to learn fast."

Both Reich and Rosati began shopping the song to Los Angeles and New York City record labels and DJs. Hollywood DJs started playing the song right away. The demo caught the attention of DJ Vinny Lombardi in Rosati's hometown Philadelphia. Lombardi was a DJ for WPWT FM Dance Radio and the first DJ to ever spin Rosati's single on the air.

Rosati's talent agency relocated their offices to New York City a year later, and Rosati and his friends traveled back East as well. "It was perfect timing. My friends wanted to go back East, and my agency moved their offices to New York, so I felt I needed to be where my agent could still promote me."

While using the streets of New York now as his promotional ground, Rosati met and began working with another record producer named Rob Federici. Federici reproduced Rosati's single commercially so commercial radio stations would add it.

Once completed, the commercial version of “Fast & Nasty” made it onto the airwaves of Philly's most popular dance radio station at that time WIOQ-Q102 FM. From the airplay Rosati received on Q102, Rosati was offered an international distribution deal with Universal Records Distribution. Other US stations started airing the song as well.

Rosati said, "I felt relieved. Going back East turned out to be a good move. I not only had my first record airing on commercial radio, but it was during this time that I landed a part in a film titled ‘Home Of Angels’ with Sherman (George Jefferson) Hemsley, Abe Vigoda, and Joe Frazier. I remember while doing the film, groups of young kids who were fans of my song would hang out on the set. The director of the film didn't know much about me, or that I had a song airing on the radio, until all of these kids showed up asking me to sign copies. It was very surreal to me."

Rosati then recorded his second single, "Metropolis", with Federici, which caught the attention of Henry Stone and Paul Klein, owners of HOT International Records, who had discovered KC and The Sunshine Band. They paired Rosati and Federici with added Producer Bobby "L.A." LaSerra. HOT Records released several versions of "Metropolis" worldwide. Rosati said, "Since I wasn't under an exclusive contract with my previous distributor, I was able to work with two labels at once."

Rosati commented, "I tortured Paul and his crew every day. I would call and ask how they were promoting the song and come up with all kinds of marketing ideas for them. Since I consider myself to be a good marketer, I just couldn't sit back and do nothing. I had to put my two cents in everywhere, every day. I was a real pain but they loved me for it."

Rosati's current single is a dance song titled "Take Me", which was recorded in 2007 and is being released this month. Also releasing internationally this month are remixes of Rosati's "Inside Your Love" and "Metropolis".