You Got Game?

Police Take On Public In Basketball Tourney

by R. George Linton

Forget the Philadelphia 76ers pre-season swoop of all-star Elton Brand, the biggest basketball story of the summer will be taking place this weekend in Point Breeze.

Law-enforcement officials will don their best long baggies and sweats as they go head to head against street basketball players in the district.

FOUNDER of Peace Not Guns, Kenyatta Johnson, pictured here at last years Basketball Tourney between Police and Public at Chew Playground. Johnson will host 3rd annual event at Chew Playground, 19th and Ellsworth Street, on Saturday.

Peace Not Guns & the Point Breeze Youth Development Basketball League will host the 3rd Annual Law Enforcement Basketball Tournament.

The fun matchup is a move to increase community and police relations through promoting violence prevention and peace among the youth, according to its founder Kenyatta Johnson.

“A solid relationship between the community and law enforcement is essential to stemming the violence plaguing our streets,” said Johnson, Founder of Peace Not Guns. “This event will help strengthen those relations in a fun and positive way.”

The Tournament will be held on Saturday, Aug. 2 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Chew Playground, located at 19th & Ellsworth Streets.

The tournament will consist of youth from the Point Breeze community playing members of the Guardian Civic League of the Philadelphia Police Dept.

The event will also consist of a 3-point shoot out and slam dunk contest. Judges of the contest will be Traffic Court Judge Willie Singletary, Sharif Street, Esq., and State Representative candidate, Vanessa Brown.

“Our youth must work together to ensure the streets of this community remain violence free,” added Johnson. “It is the goal of Peace Not Guns to eliminate the use of guns and violence among the youth through education, mentoring, and community partnerships.”