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Our Opinionsatisfied they’ve done enough damage to ensure their side wins.
Never happens. What happens instead is the tarnishing of characters who, of themselves, are aboveboard and above reproach, but who now must labor on with those smears on their reputations.
A case in point, this week, involved an action by the type of people who could fit the mold we identified above. It was filed by Walter James Kernaghan against the sitting City Commissioners.
The brief stated an advertisement had appeared in our Apr. 21 issue. In reality, it was not an ad, but a sample of the machine ballot. It showed how all the candidates would appear on the voting machines. This is part of the service the Philadelphia Public Record is happy to provide, the kind of information not available through any other media. We understand its value to all who read this paper.
The brief then goes on to claim the fact this was made available “Courtesy of the City Commissioners: Chairman Margaret Tartaglione, Anthony Clark and Joseph Duda,” was a statement which “represents that the Respondents are acting as the City Commissioners of the City and County of Philadelphia.”
It contends Judges Pamela Dembe, Charles Cunningham and Leon Tucker were serving in place of the “respondents.”
It continues, “The only purpose for the inclusion of the names of the Respondents in the Advertisement was to place their names in front of voters to increase their chances of renomination and reelection. The complainant alleges and and claims that said advertisement was paid for by public funds or else was paid for by the respondents out of their personal funds, neither of which would be lawful.”
It winds up asking the judges now serving as the City Commissioners to conduct an investigation, etc.
We wondered why this brief was filed, figuring Mr. Kernaghan has no idea how a newspaper is put together.
Then we learned it was another political gambit, designed to further smear the City Commissioners. An email from Matt Wolfe, Esq., the Republican Ward Leader in the 27th, belongs to the dissident group aligned against the leadership of the Republican City Committee. The email was inquiring if other like-minded Republicans would sign onto the brief.
We appreciate Wolfe’s efforts to increase voter registrations for the GOP in this city and we understand his positions as it relates to the RCC. But as we said above, it is just this kind of antic that does a disservice to everyone in the political arena. It also doesn’t win any campaigns, which is why we predicted in an article elsewhere in this issue a clean sweep for the endorsed Republican City Committee slate.

One need not wonder why some political factions never get it. They froth at the mouth, fill the internet with blasts of innuendoes and insults designed to degrade the image of those they consider opposition, and then sit back,

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