Salute to Labor

On June 20th, The Philadelphia Public Record will publish its annual Salute to Labor Special Issue and award ceremony. It will feature five Delaware Valley organized labor leaders who have each made unique contributions to the labor movement and to the community as a whole. Please nominate a person, or persons, in the Philadelphia labor world deserving of this recognition.

The five leadership categories we will honor are:

Lifetime Achiever: People at the pinnacle of their career whose accomplishments, stretching back decades, have had a lasting positive impact.

Rising Star: Youthful project executives who deserve recognition for their talent, their success and their growth.

Organizer-Activist: Union leaders with a track record of organizing success in the workplace or political arenas.

Management Leader: Union executives who excel in the vital duties of maximizing benefits, training and assets.

Good Deeds: Effective promoters and practitioners of philanthropy in the larger society that union members proudly live among and serve.

Nomination Deadline: Friday, May 3rd
Awards Ceremony: Thursday, June 20th, 5 p.m.-7:30 p.m
Nominate @

For more information please call:
Melissa Barrett: 215-755-2000 Ext. 5

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